Dear Street

by Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Based on The Love Lettering Project, a project bringing community-based love letters to thousands of strangers since 2004, Dear Street celebrates what kids see and love in their neighbourhoods, and the transformative capacity of sharing what you love about where you live. In leaving anonymous letters on her street, Grace helps others shift their perspectives—grumble, grumble, rain, grumble, wet, grumble—and in doing so, her neighbourhood fills with place-based love letters that in turn help Grace find joy one spring day, when all she can hear is grumbling negativity. Dear Street also includes a how-to guide to help readers write their own neighbourhood love letters.

Dear Street will help readers to focus on their surroundings, and things that they may see every day, providing an accessible exercise in mindfulness, and fostering the idea of place-based gratitude.

Age Group: Picture book

Publication: 2021

Kids Can Press

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