Escape Plans

by Teri Vlassopoulos

Escape Plans book cover

Niko Kiriakos, tentative heir to the ailing Calypso Shipping fleet, always suspected he was cursed. Following his sudden disappearance, his wife, Anna, and daughter, Zoe, are left adrift. Unmoored, they begin to test the boundaries of their lives, struggling with issues of loyalty, identity and what it means to be a family. Spanning years and tracing a route from Niagara Falls to Greece, Escape Plans is an unblinking look at the ties that bind us together and the things that pull us apart.

Publication: October 2015

Invisible Publishing

Rights sold:

  • World rights: Invisible Publishing

“While there’s nothing showy about Escape Plans, and getting used to the structure takes a few
chapters, eventually the deftness of the novel’s construction becomes overwhelming, and I
finished the book asking myself, ‘How did she do that?’” –Pickle Me This

“Vlassopoulos has found a way to carry over the wide-eyed curiosity and innate goodness of
childhood into the mysterious, often sad, often tragic world of adulthood.”
Montreal Review of Books

“While Escape Plans has its basis in tragedy, it’s not without humour and even, sometimes,
optimism of a sort. As is often the case in modern fiction, the plot is almost a backdrop to the
discovery of how and why things came to be as they are. Escape Plans is a promising debut and hopefully the first of more to come.” –Beach Metro