Adam McDowell

Adam McDowell author photo

Photo credit: C. Hudson Hwang

Adam McDowell never really intended to make drinks a major part of his career as a journalist. It just kind of happened. In his early twenties he worked behind the bar at a charming, award-winning gastropub called The Water Witch in Lancaster, England. Later he was working as a reporter at the National Post, when an editor was looking for a volunteer to write a weekly column about drinks. Adam felt the experience in England had taught him just enough to try. He’s kept the gig since 2006. Adam was also the recurring resident drinks expert on The Social, a hit daytime lifestyle television program on the CTV network (you could call it Canada’s relatively saucy and youthful answer to The View), and was the founding editor of He now works as a freelance journalist in Toronto, Canada, and entertains regularly at his home.