Lake Crescent (Book 2 in the Creature X series)

by J.J. Dupuis

Lake Crescent cover

A TV documentary crew explores murky waters in search of legendary lake monster Cressie, only to dredge up a body instead.

Laura Reagan, host of the cryptozoological documentary series Creature X, and her team are in Newfoundland shooting an episode about Cressie, a legendary giant eel. Things don’t start off great: scientific evidence is scarce, stories keep changing, and the locals are throwing a wrench into the production. But what began as a simple TV shoot takes a drastic turn when the crew pulls a body from the depths of Lake Crescent.

For Laura, unravelling the cold case means unearthing long-buried secrets about the most prominent citizens of the remote town of Robert’s Arm. With time running out, she and her team must put the pieces together and expose the killer before more blood is spilled.

Publication: July 2021

Dundurn Press

Rights sold:

  • North America (English and French): Dundurn Press

“What starts as a hunt for the lake monster Cressie, quickly turns into an enjoyable whodunnit with a plot that brings to mind both Raymond Chandler and Neil Gaiman.”
–Eduard Habsburg-Lothringen, writer, diplomat, and cryptozoology fan

“Set against the stunning and mercurial backdrop of rural Newfoundland, the book is part zoological expedition, part murder mystery, all while deliciously delving into local Canadian lore—a thoroughly gripping read from the first page to the last.”
–Vivian Lin, screenwriter, Hudson and Rex, Killjoys, Carter

“A mysterious and interesting romp into Canadian cryptid history!  Readers—especially Atlantic Canadians—will enjoy this ‘deep dive’ into the legend of Cressie, the mythical eel-like serpent that supposedly inhabits Lake Crescent in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Lake Crescent:  A Creature X Mystery by J.J. Dupuis will keep you guessing until the end.”  
–Timothy S. Johnston, author of Fatal Depth

“J.J. Dupuis crafts a mystery that’s atmospheric and layered, where myth and legend clash with real-world stakes. Lake Crescent pulled me under and kept me eager to know more.”
–Samantha K. Garner, author of The Quiet is Loud

“Murder, pirate treasure and lake monsters—how can you go wrong? This smart and atmospheric mystery explores the murky depths where science and legend collide.  Laura Reagan navigates through a world of small-town treachery, trying to unravel age-old secrets of monsters and men alike. The mysteries keep coming the deeper she goes.  With beautifully written descriptions, Dupuis plunges the reader right into the heart of the action. Laura Reagan is hunting monsters but it’ll be the reader who gets hooked.”
–A.G. Pasquella, author of The Jack Palace series