The Singles Tax

by Renée Sylvestre-Williams

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The Singles Tax looks at the historical decisions that explain why single people can’t seem to get a break: whether that’s taxes, housing, retirement or something as simple as a hotel room on a group tour. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to go on a vacation and having to pay extra for the hotel room because there’s an extra bed that you’re not going to use but you still have to pay for it because you’re travelling solo.

So you either grit your teeth and pay the single supplement or spend more time searching for an adventure that caters to solo travellers or at least won’t ding your wallet.

Personal finance is used to talking to couples, whether it’s about pooling finances to buy a home, spousal retirement plans where one spouse can contribute to their partner’s plan or income-splitting for taxes. Couples are considered an economic household but BFFs living together aren’t.

Money can be a tricky subject, especially when you’re single. As a solo dweller, you’re responsible for all of your expenses, and it can be challenging to manage your finances efficiently. This book aims to be the ultimate intersectional guide for single people who want to take control of their financial lives and build a secure financial future.

Each chapter provides thought-provoking insights such as why can’t two people just live together and be considered an economic unit? Can people get married to take advantage of the few tax benefits for couples? Will that lead to romcom shenanigans? This book delivers serviceable, battle-tested advice, all in a friendly and relatable tone.

The Singles Tax is equal parts a personal finance book, a historical document and a political manifesto, urging people to take action with our money and our politics.

Publication: January 2026

ECW Press

Rights sold:

  • North America, English and Canadian French: ECW Press