Welcome to the Weird America: Three Novellas

by A.G. Pasquella

Welcome to the Weird America cover

Nominated for 2023 Foreword INDIES (Science Fiction category)

A.G. Pasquella’s Welcome to the Weird America brings together three of his brilliant, fabulist novellas, each of which is filled with strange language and extraordinary surprises. In Why Not a Spider Monkey Jesus?, written like a comic-book adventure without the images, a talking chimpanzee becomes a televangelist. In NewTown, the author’s love letter to science fiction, a teenage boy named Sammy joins a motley band of rebels intent on overthrowing the bungling admiral of a huge spaceship. And in The This & the That, Pasquella takes us back to the old weird America, an America of hucksters and hobos, cartoons and carnivals.

From questions about money and God to environmental collapse, to the intersection of humanity and technology, A.G. Pasquella tackles complex subjects with beautifully surreal prose and a deep delight in the tradition of weird fiction. These mesmerizing, upending stories will have readers setting off on a fascinating journey down an unknown road with no destination, or end, in sight.

Publication: October 2022

Wolsak & Wynn

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    Wolsak & Wynn

“This book is like the biggest carton of Neapolitan ice cream you could ever dream of, but instead of chocolate, the third flavour is a lit stick of dynamite.”
–Jack Pendarvis, writer for Adventure Time and Steven Universe

“Full of Altmanesque observations with a good twist of Hunter S. Thompson but uniquely, completely A.G. Pasquella!” –Lisa de Nikolits, The Minerva Reader