Karen Cleveland and Michelle Bilodeau

Photo credit: Briony Douglas

Karen Cleveland (left) and Michelle Bilodeau (right) are Toronto-based writers. They are friends, frequent collaborators and regular media contributors. They met as colleagues when working at a magazine. Karen asked Michelle to lunch for dating advice and the rest was history.

Karen Cleveland is a writer and marketer. Her work has appeared in Weddingbells, Today’s Bride, Fashion Magazine, Huffington Post, Toronto Star, and the National Post. She was the etiquette expert on the first season of The Social

Michelle Bilodeau is a writer and guest speaker. Her work has appeared in CBC Life, Fashion Magazine, The Kit, Refinery29, Flare, and Canadian Living. She is currently the green beauty expert on The Social

Karen and Michelle live in Toronto. They both allege to be clever, charming, and (a little bit) funny.