Holy (!) Matrimony: A Modern Guide to Conscious Coupling

by Karen Cleveland and Michelle Bilodeau

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Let’s get consciously coupled, shall we?

Hands up if you’ve seen all the white tulle, pretty peonies and candles in mason jars that you can handle? As two friends who got married just six weeks apart from each other, Karen and Michelle went through the planning process as pals and would often kvetch about the “it’s tradition, you have to” quips from family and friends. They bucked the trends and married hella hot partners, all while sticking it to the patriarchy.

By breaking down the antiquated traditions of that #blessedweddingday, Holy (!) Matrimony will help bethrothed pairs throw the icky bridal traditions to the curb in honour of getting the wedding of their actual dreams—not the one we’ve been force-fed for decades by the bridal industry.

Inspiring couples to plan their wedding in a way that is meaningful to them, Holy (!) Matrimony is part memoir, part handbook, and all about the feminism, baby.

Publication: Spring 2021

Dundurn Press

Rights sold:

  • North American (English): Dundurn Press