This is a Throwdown: A Toronto Hip-Hop History

by Del Cowie

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Drake is one of the most popular and influential artists in hip-hop, the most listened to genre of music in the world, according to streaming giant Spotify. Yet, despite Drake’s overwhelming influence beyond popular culture and his fervent championing of Toronto in his lyrics, music and album covers, very little is known or documented of Toronto’s rich hip-hop history.

This is A Throwdown: A Toronto Hip-Hop History seeks to change this reality. Spanning 30 years of music history in one of the world’s most diverse and unique cities, This Is A Throwdown traces Toronto’s early, overshadowed contributions to the global phenomenon of hip-hop culture and contextualizes its present-day position as a nexus point for creatives where Drake and other Toronto hip-hop acts articulate the musical present and hint at the world’s sonic future.

Publication: 2021

ECW Press

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