Yard Dog (Book 1 in the Jack Palace Series)

by A.G. Pasquella

Honour-bound ex-mob enforcer Jack Palace owes a life-debt to Tommy, the wild son of a Mafia boss. After being released from prison, Jack hits the streets to collect money for Tommy to repay his debt. Meanwhile, Tommy’s father is on his deathbed and other gangsters are waiting to seize control.

Jack plans a better, safer life for himself and his girlfriend Suzanne but after Tommy’s father dies, Jack finds himself caught in the crossfire of a mob war, doing things he never wanted to do, for people he never wanted to work for in the first place.

Now Jack has to navigate through hit men, backstabbers, and gritty neighborhoods toward a love, and life, that is far from certain.

Goodfellas meets Richard Stark, Yard Dog is a hard-boiled and fast-paced story with a motley cast of lethal characters including a yacht-owning assassin, a loyal Triad member with the patience of a saint, an emotionally sensitive mob heavy, and a legion of scofflaws. It’s old-school noir with an updated twist—faster, funnier and sexy as hell.

Publication: November 2018

Dundurn Press

Rights sold:

  • Audio (World English): Dreamscape Audio
  • North America (English and French): Dundurn Press

“The writing here is very impressive: gritty and profane but also (in the right places) tender and quite moving.” –Booklist

“A rusty syringe of lurid pulp thrills. Pasquella’s love of old school crime fiction is clear, but like a beer bottle smashed across your jaw, he’s jolted the genre into the 21st century.”
–Elan Mastai, author of All Our Wrong Todays

“An old-school noir romp through the belly of the city, splashing sex and violence all over
Spadina Avenue. Pasquella confidently squeezes pulp right out of the pavement and onto the page.” –Andrew F. Sullivan, author of Waste and All We Want is Everything