Sound Mind: My Bipolar Journey From Chaos to Composure

by Erika Nielsen

Winner, 2019 Nautilus Book Awards
Winner, Canada Book Awards
Finalist, 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Erika Nielsen, a young cellist, believed the extreme euphoric highs and crushing lows she experienced were a normal part of being a musician—that they made her more creative, productive, and in demand. When she became the musician she always dreamed of being Principal Cellist of an orchestra, she embarked on gruelling red-eye commutes, an impossible workload, and experienced alarming symptoms had her – and others—question her choices. Meanwhile, Erika suspected that she had something more than just “normal “ups and downs”. That all ended when, in a frenzy of hypomania, Erika consulted a psychiatrist, who gave her a shocking diagnosis: bipolar disorder, type I. Now faced with treating a major mental illness, Erika was forced to turn her frenetic life around.

Sound Mind: My Bipolar Journey From Chaos to Composure chronicles Erika’s journey through accepting her diagnosis, learning about her condition, and through one habit at a time, taking the necessary steps towards a new normal in learning to live with a mental illness. Erika covers everything from finding the right medication to nutrition to developing a support team, and offers useful tips and insights that will help readers of all ages take charge of their own lives and their own mental health.

Both a practical guide for those living with bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions, and an inspiring story about Erika’s journey to cope with it, Sound Mind is a valuable resource for anyone struggling with mental health issues, as well as their friends and family. With actionable steps and a positive message, Sound Mind is dedicated to offering hope and ending the stigma towards mental illness.

Subjects: Memoir/self help, mental health

Publication: 2019

Trigger Publishing

Rights sold:

  • World English: Trigger Publishing